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The FISTS CW Club North America Chapter has and maintains a presence on several types of Social Media. These Social Media outlets help our members to stay connected with each other and up-to-date on various FISTS events and activities, both on and off the air. The items discussed below are available for our members to use as they desire on a voluntary basis.

  FISTS Americas  

The FISTS Americas Chapter can be found at the following URL:

The FISTS CW Club Americas can be used either as an email reflector with individual or daily digest emails, or online via the web interface. Membership is by request or invitation and is open to anyone with an interest in CW. Please include your callsign when signing up.

  Updates & Bulletins  

The FISTS "Updates & Bulletins" List can be found at the following URL:

This informational ONLY list will provide members with up-to-date bulletins and information on FISTS activities and events. It is also used to alert the membership to last minute changes or updates for a variety of on and off the air activities as well as special events. This list is for "active" dues paying members only. Request subscription to "Updates" to Joe, K4JGA at .

  Reflector is our open reflector.

The FISTS open reflector is a place where you can share and exchange information with other FISTS Club members. You can start your own discussion thread or reply to posts from other members on a variety of subjects.

One must self-subscribe to participate here.


We have page on Facebook at:

Administrative bulletins and postings go up front where everyone can reply to them and this link is our "group" where all member postings go right up front and on top. These are both highly interactive with posts being seen worldwide very quickly and answers to questions coming in similar fashion.

Anyone who has a Facebook account may participate.


We are on Twitter with the handle, @FistsnaCWClub at

This is pretty much instant but limited to 140 characters or so, although links can be much longer, or images. It's often useful, to tweet a link to a larger article or to your thread of interest " @FistsnaCWClub " and that will bring views where you want them.

One must have a free and easily set up Twitter account to participate here.


We are also on Linkedin at where we can be found with a search for "Fists" or by clicking:

A LinkedIn account is required to participate here.

Please send your Social Media questions and comments to Tim via e-mail at

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