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Get a FISTS Code Buddy

This page is being made available for FISTS members to arrange contacts with a Code Buddy Volunteer
to help them increase their speed or simply to improve their sending and receiving of Morse code.

If you are an experienced Morse op and wish to be included in the volunteer contact list
(see example below), please read the Volunteer section below.

Operators looking for a Code Buddy can select a volunteer below
by sending them an e-mail to get things started.

FISTS Code Buddy Volunteer List

Rick N6IET Los Angeles CA 80 thru 20 Mornings
10 - 25 WPM
Joe K4JGA Casselberry FL 40 thru 10 11 AM - 4 PM
5 - 20 WPM
Dennis WD9DWE Pekin IN 80 40 20 15 10 Days Morning Time
Dale K4EQ Ballwin
Metro STL
MO 80 thru 10 Most Any Time
Ed NØWNV Troy MO 80 40 20 15 10 3-5 WPM, After 6 PM
John KE6K Wittmann AZ 160-80-40-20 Afternoon or Evening
3 to 25 WPM
Bob W1FFF New Ipswich NH 80 to 10 Mtrs 5 to 20 WPM
Flexable on Time
Brownie K9QAG Franklin Park Il 40 30 20 17 & 15 Mtrs 25 WPM or Less
Late Morning or
Early Afternoon
Tom WØFN Des Moines IA 80 40 20 17 15 10 6 10-30 WPM
Email for Time
Robert AI7FF Laurel MT 80 to 10 Late Mornings or Early Evenings 8-15 WPM
Roy KN4WOJ Kilmarnock VA 80 to 20 Mtrs Anytime 5-20 WPM
Mark WØBG Parker CO 30 to 10 Mtrs Anytime 5-25 WPM
Ron KF4GNV Smyrna TN 80 to 10 Mtrs Afternoon, Evening, Weekends
Doc K2PHD Ledgewood NJ 40-20-15-10 Mtrs Mon to Fri
10AM-12PM ET
M-W-F 6-7PM ET
5-13 WPM
Bill KF8FA Columbus OH 80 to 10 Mtrs Mid Day
Early Evening
Dan AK4SQ Lynchburg VA 80-40-20 Mtrs Time Flexable
5-25+ WPM

Volunteer as a Code Buddy

If you'd like to be included in the list of Code Buddy volunteers, please send an email to:
Dennis K6DF, at

Very Important: please state that you agree for your details below to be published on this Code Buddy web page and in the Americas Chapter Key Note newsletter, without this we will not publish your information.

Please provide the following information:
  1. Your first name.
  2. Callsign.
  3. Town/City.
  4. State.
  5. Email address.
  6. Which bands you can operate on.
  7. When you are available (e.g. during the day, evening or weekend).
  8. Any brief operating comments (e.g. preferred day, time, or CW speed).
  9. Type out your permission for us to publish your details on this web page and in the Key Note newsletter.

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