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The Americas Chapter - North, Central, South, and The Islands


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If you are using and it is not set up properly your email will have a
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  * NEW! Sprint Rules as of JUNE 2023 * HERE!  

Thanks to all who participate in the Sprints !


ONLY for "Americas Chapter New Members" Joining March 1, 2019 and after . . .

New Members can earn a free FISTS CW Club cloth patch by doing the following:

FISTS Key Patch

Make "ONE 10 minute CW QSO" with "ONE" FISTS Member on
any amateur "radio" band, after your Join Date.

We encourage you to use the FISTS calling frequencies. Calling Freqs listed HERE.

Report the required QSO data to the FISTS Awards Manager at:

He will mail your FISTS CW Club patch to you.

Required data:
Date, UTC Start and End Times, Freq, Mode, Call, Name, and FISTS Nr of the station contacted.

Remember to also send your name, call, and mailing address.

(Club call signs not eligible.)

 *** December 2023 Keynote *** 

*** NOTE *** The December 2023 Keynote is now available in the Members Area only.
This current newsletter will be made available to the public when the March 2023 issue is published.

The September 2023 issue is now available to the public under the Newsletters menu above.

The "Cut-Off" date for articles to get into the March 2024 Keynote issue will be Feb 15th.
Send your articles and photos to the email address.

Use the Keynote Writer's Guide to help you write your Keynote article.


* * *    If you wish to join FISTS "Americas Chapter" as a "New Member", you will receive a lifetime DUES FREE membership which includes downloaded newsletters ONLY.

Those who are eligible to join FISTS "Americas Chapter" are those living in countries of North, Central, and South America and the associated Islands.

To receive your FISTS membership number send an e-mail with your
Call, Name, Current Mailing Address, and (Telephone Nr. - optional)
Dennis K6DF, FISTS Membership Manager at

CURRENT Americas Chapter Members,
Your current "Americas Chapter" membership has changed to a "Lifetime" membership with no dues and on-line newsletters ONLY.

 All Sprint Results 

Are now available in the ARCHIVES page.
Nov 19, 2023 Sprint Results
Are Available HERE

 What is FISTS? 

FISTS is a well established and recognized CW (Morse Code) organization in the world of amateur radio. Founded in 1987 by Geo Longden, G3ZQS, it now has a world-wide membership in the thousands and growing daily.

What FISTS wants to accomplish.

       1. To further the use of CW on the amateur bands.
2. To encourage newcomers to the CW mode.
       3. To engender friendship within the membership.

How FISTS got its name, from our late founder, Geo G3ZQS (Silent Key).

       "I used to be a member of TOPS before it went out. Quote on their banner was "Where FISTS Make Friends". A "FIST", as you know, is nothing more than a CW ops' reference to another ops' keying characteristic. Phil (TOPS founder/sec) was delighted when I told him of the connection though he was later to follow his XYL and his beloved dog, but I will never forget the enthusiasm which came back from his old vibro. 73 de Geo"

There is only one requirement to Join FISTS:

A love of Morse code and a concern for its perpetuation.

* * * JOIN FISTS - membership information! * * *

 Award Certificates 
 Issued ! 

January     2024

Award - Call

1 x QRP - VA4ADM

10 Million - K2FW

11 Million - K2FW

11 Million - AF5Z

11 Million - VA4ADM

12 Million - K2FW

12 Million - VA4ADM

13 Million - K2FW

14 Million - K2FW

15 Million - K2FW

16 Million - K2FW

17 Million - K2FW

18 Million - K2FW

19 Million - K2FW

2 Million - WB9G

2 Million - K2FW

20 Million - K2FW

21 Million - K2FW

22 Million - K2FW

23 Million - K2FW

24 Million - K2FW

25 Million - K2FW

3 Million - K2FW

3 Million - WB9G

4 Million - K2FW

4 Million - WB9G

5 Million - K2FW

5 Million - WB9G

6 Million - K2FW

6 Million - WB9G

7 Million - K2FW

7 Million - WB9G

8 Million - K2FW

9 Million - K2FW

Century - WB9G

Millionaire - K2FW

Millionaire - WB9G

Silver Century - WB9G

Spectrum 40m - WB9G

Spectrum Band 20m - WB9G

 New Members! 

Name        Call        Nr

Americas Chapter

Terry    KJ5DYT	22508
Doug     KA9BKW	22507
Chris    WX7V	22506
Steve    KL7VX	22505
Mark     W7MWL	22504
Jeff     KBØFIX	22503
Lee      KX5J	22502
Chad     WF1YER	22501
Sam      AF3W	22500
Skip     KE7MPO	22399
Glenn    WB3GM	22398
John     KL7RI	22397
Steve    KE8ZRG	22396
JF       VA2JFJ	22395
Charlie  AC6CZ	22394
Dale     KC1TRN	22393
Jay      W4MBM	22392
Bruce    KA3YGL	22391
Teddy    AD2GZ	22390
Dave     N5DCH	22389
Emilio   CO6XE	22388
Bob      N8ZVX	22387

European Chapter
Gra      MØLOR	22459
Gerard   PE5GA	22457
Bill     G4YRK	22456
Jose     EA1DP	22455
Alan     G3ZIK	22454
Bob      G7KFZ	22453
Robin    G4IRD	22452
Tilio    IU3BRO	22451

Down Under Chapter
Bruce    VK2RT	22458

East Asia Chapter
Pundit   VU2TUM	22445

* Both Lists Will Scroll

 FREE - FISTS Log Converter Program 

 !!! IMPORTANT NOTE - May 24, 2023 !!! 

Please update ALL older versions of Log Converter as they will not download
members lists nor send award logs to the Awards Manager properly !

NEW 4.5.0 Version Now Available - Jan 14, 2024

Check out the FISTS Log Converter program written by Graham G3ZOD.
This is a handy aid for tracking your FISTS Awards
- - - AND (at the click of a button) - - -
It will electronically send your completed award log to the FISTS Awards Manager!

It can also be used as a general logging program.

Best of all - it is FREE ! ! !

Red Line

  Up Coming FISTS Activities !  

G3ZQS George Longden Memorial Event - First Full Weekend in September Each Year

WZ8C Nancy Kott Memorial Event - Third Full Weekend in April Each Year

European Chapter Activities - Special Operating Events for 2024

*** NOTE - NEW Sprint TIMES & RULES as of JUNE 2023 ***

FISTS Spring Saturday Sprint - 0000 - 2359 UTC, Saturday May 11, 2024

FISTS Spring Sunday Sprint - 0000 - 2359 UTC, Sunday May 19, 2024

Red Line

FISTS Americas Chapter Call or Number Search.
U.S. Navy Wedge Key
The Americas Chapter FISTS Search

The Americas Chapter member roster is updated each weekday.

Now in our 37th year promoting Morse Code 1987 - 2024
Accuracy Transcends Speed - Courtesy At All Times

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